Our Company

In 1938, Agustín Passerini and his two sons, Agustín Hermes and Humberto Esteban, started a modest corn mill where they produced flour, wheat semolina and white peeled corn. "Molino Passerini" began to prosper, thanks to the effort and dedication of the whole family. They started selling their products to small grocery stores and then, to supermarkets and wholesalers. The company grew steadily adding new products with the same quality that has always characterized Molino Passerini. In 1997, the company made a great leap securing its place as a national leader and inaugurated its new industrial plant of 3,600 sq m on a property of 2.5 hectares. In 2013, the company had more than 6,000 sq m in facilities for the industrialization of cereals, dried pulses and their by-products. In 2014, consolidating its competitiveness in the market, the company was certified by the International Standard FSSC 22000 making the commitment to work according to standards and a management system that ensure the safety of the products it manufactures. In 2016, we integrated the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, aiming to encourage actions to improve the wellbeing of our internal and external community.

Code of Conduct

Our values represent our identity as a collective body. The people who work at MOLINO PASSERINI make this company a unique and distinctive project.

Food Safety Policy


Molino Passerini S.A.I.C., manufacturer and fractionator of foods derived from cereals and pulses, is committed to establishing, maintaining and continuously improving their safety system according to FSSC 22000 Standards and to planning and controlling the production, fractionation and marketing of our products.

Hiring Policy


We have a hiring policy that considers aspects in line with our policies.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The management of MOLINO PASSERINI S.A.I.C. has decided to include social responsibility into the culture of its activities, in addition to creating and providing a productive and participative work environment.