Rice Bar – Egran Slim


Puffed rice, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dehydrated strawberry. Moisturizer: (INS 1200), natural strawberry flavoring, artificial vanilla flavoring. Cereals here refer to the seeds or edible grass grains: rice. Cereals may come as: Puffed cereals, obtained by suitable industrial processes which break the endosperm and cause the grains to inflate.


Keep in a cool and dry place. Once the bag is opened, be sure to close it again. If you empty the product into another container, remember to label it with its batch number and elaboration date, and keep it tightly closed.

Shelf Life:

12 months, as long as storing conditions are followed.

Intended Use:

Producto alimenticio para consumo directo. No calentar. No consumir en caso de que el producto contenga el envase abierto y/o roto. En caso de no consumir la totalidad del producto guardar en envase hermético.  Conservar en lugar seco y fresco.

Vulnerable Groups:

Alérgicos a maní, derivados de leche y derivados de soja. Apto consumo para Celíacos.


Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians. Product with Kosher Certification. Product with a certificate from the Professional Association for Food and Health (APSAL by its acronym in Spanish) Gluten Free Product.


4 boxes w/18 units x 20g

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