Caramelized Tutuca (Puffed Corn) with Coconut


Keep in a cool and dry place. Once the bag is opened, be sure to close it again. If you empty the product into another container, remember to label it with its batch number and elaboration date, and keep it tightly closed.

Shelf Life:

9 meses, respetando las condiciones de almacenamiento.

Intended Use:

Food product for direct consumption. Do not heat. Do not eat in case the bag is open or broken. In case not all of the product is consumed, store tightly closed. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Vulnerable Groups:

Alérgicos a maní, derivados de leche, almendras y derivados de soja. Apto consumo para Celíacos.


Apto para vegetariano, vegano, no vegetariano. Producto con certificación Kosher. Producto sin TACC.


80 grs. x 20 unidades


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